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How do I place bets on bookmaker.XYZ?

bookmaker.XYZ is decentralized and permissionless. You will need a Web3-enabled wallet to connect to the bookmaker.XYZ and place bets. We recommend MetaMask. MetaMask can be downloaded from the link below.

MetaMask: https://metamask.io/

Please remember to save your seed phrase and keep it secure. If you lose access to your seed phrase, it will be impossible to recover your funds. NEVER share this with anyone, including the bookmaker.XYZ team.

What chain does bookmaker.XYZ run on?

bookmaker.XYZ runs on top of Azuro Protocol. A decentralized betting protocol comprised of independent participants. Azuro is designed to be cross-chain, more chains will be added in the future. The following chains are currently supported:

  • Polygon (MATIC)

  • Gnosis (xDAI)

On Gnosis Chain you make bets and pay for the gas with the same token - xDai; xDai is a stable token used for transactions, payments, and fees.

On Polygon Mainnet you make bets with USDT paying for gas with MATIC.

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