Getting DAI via a DEX

Getting DAI via a DEX (Decentralized Exchange)

You can swap from any cryptocurrency to DAI using our integrated DEX via 1inch. This is a great option for those who already have crypto on another chain.

  1. Head to the funding tab on bookmaker.XYZ

  2. On the tile that says "I have crypto" select "Transfer Now".

  3. Select the currency you want to convert. Then select "Continue"

  4. Input the amount you want to swap.

    1. If this is the first time you are interacting with 1inch via XYZ, you will need to approve the contract interaction.

    2. Click approve and wait for the contract approval to confirm.

    3. Click swap and wait for the transaction to confirm on-chain.

    4. Once the transaction has confirmed, you will receive a pop-up and you have successfully swapped to DAI.

    5. You can now proceed with Bridging.