📈Placing bets

bookmaker.XYZ currently supports 2 chains - Gnosis & Polygon. The process for placing bets is the same across chains. You just need to select the correct chain from the UI

  1. Select the sport and game from the menu or search box

  2. Press Place bet and confirm the transaction within MetaMask. Wait for the bet to confirm on-chain. You can track the progress of transactions using the Gnosis chain block explorer

    • Pending: the bet has been accepted and is waiting for the outcome.

    • Win: your bet has been won and you can redeem your winnings in the "My Bets" section.

    • Lose: this time you missed.

    • Declined: There was a technical error, your bet will be refunded and needs to be redeemed in the "My bets" section.

  3. Congratulations! You've placed your bet. Maybe it's time to find another event to bet on.

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