Buying DAI on a CEX

Buy DAI on a CEX (Centralized Exchange)

Buy DAI on a CEX (Centralized Exchange) such as Binance, Coinbase, KuCoin, etc. Please check on your chosen CEX if they support DAI CEXs differ in what chains they support and some do not support certain chains, or withdrawals, depending on the asset.

  1. Buy DAI on your preferred CEX.

    1. You can buy crypto directly with a credit/debit card.

    2. P2P or Bank Transfer.

      1. If using P2P/Bank Transfer you will need to exchange your fiat currency for MATIC using the spot exchange. Some CEXs offer a simple convert option.

  2. Withdraw DAI to your ERC20 address and chosen destination chain.

    1. Remember that not all CEXs support DAI withdrawals to certain chains.

  3. Once you have received DAI on your destination chain. You can skip to Bridging DAI to xDAI guide.

    1. We use Hop Protocol to facilitate bridging to Gnosis Chain and it supports bridging to Gnosis from Ethereum, Arbitrum, Polygon, and Optimism.

    2. Keep this in mind if you are using our integrated bridge.