🏆X-Points Programme

On May 6th we are launching the X-points programme, users will be awarded points for betting on bookmaker.XYZ. The aim of the points programme is to incentivize users who are actively contributing to

Eligibility: To earn X-points simply bet on bookmaker.XYZ throughout May and June.

Criteria: Points will be distributed using the following formula: X- Points = Potential win/10 Potential win/10 Potential Win = Bet Amount * odds. (Capped at 10x odds per bet)

Example: Bet: $10 Odds: 5.0 Potential Win: $50 X-Points Earned: 5 X-Points Leaderboard: Users will be able to view their spot in the leaderboard at: https://bookmaker.xyz/xyztoken/leaderboard Details: Focusing on an aggressive, short term points programme, $XYZ aims to reward bettors, early participants, and more. X-Points will be redeemable for the $XYZ token at TGE (date TBA). Retroactive Rewards: Long term users of XYZ will also be rewarded with a percentage of the airdrop based on the same betting criteria above.

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