🍌Cashback Bonanza

Cashback Bonanza is another cool feature on XYZ that grants you a unique opportunity to get starting from 2% of your losing bets back as a free bet.

What is Cashback Bonanza?

To show our greatest appreciation for bookmaker.XYZ users, we are happy to present a brand new betting campaign. It allows ALL users to receive cashback from their lost bets while betting in a truly decentralized way.

The Cashback Bonanza campaign will be periodic and will ALWAYS be announced on XYZ's social media platforms (Twitter/Discord). That way, ALL of you decentralized betting pioneers can be there in time and get ready to WIN. Or lose... AND GET PAID FOR IT!

Prize distribution for the Bonanza will occur after the settlement of EVERY placed bet during the campaign's announced period. *Only bets that are placed during the campaign and settle before the Bonanza ending date are eligible for the cashback.

How does it work?

Example: A user placed 3 bets: Bet #1: $100, won $170 Bet #2: $100, lost Bet #3: $100, lost

That brings us to $300 in total betting volume with $130 of losses. The user receives cashback starting from 2% on $130 in free bets.

  • *Cashback will be paid out without decimals. Cashback distribution will start from $5; everything below that will NOT be paid out. Current Bonanza - 13/05/24 until 19/05/24

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