Azuro Score

All bets placed on bookmaker.XYZ earn Azuro Score. It is the first opportunity to earn $AZUR tokens. Azuro Score points will be convertible into $AZUR tokens after the $AZUR token is launched.

What is Azuro Score?

Azuro Score is your first opportunity to own a piece of the "house" and the future Azuro airdrop.
The Azuro Score program invites wide community participation and value adds helping ensure the success of Azuro as critical decentralized betting and gambling infrastructure. It is meant to lay the foundations for sufficient decentralization of the ecosystem and the governance of Azuro.
To achieve this - it is important that participants are rewarded according to specific value adds. It is possible that the settings for how many points are awarded for what actions, and the actions themselves can be updated in order to find a better balance in distribution among contributors and optimize for maximum value towards Azuro.

How do I earn Azuro Score?

All bets placed on bookmaker.XYZ earn Azuro Score - Win or Lose. The following formula is used to calculate Azuro Score.
  • 1 USDC/XDAI bet = 5 points
    • If user’s Azuro Score is smaller than degressive_level, then the points from betting are multiplied by (1+level_boost)
    • If the user’s Azuro Score is > degressive_level but < 2 * degressive_level, then the points from betting are multiplied by: *(2-sqrt(user’s Azuro Score/degressive_level-1))*(1+level_boost)
    • If the user’s Azuro Score is > 2 * degressive_level, then the points from betting are divided by 5.
  • degressive_level: 10,000
  • level_boost: 100%
    • Only bets made (time of bet transaction) after Feb 16, 00:01 UTC, 2023 count.
    • score points are attributed immediately after the settlement of the betting markets. Betting on canceled events/markets will not give points.
💡 The settings can be changed in the future. Should this happen all changes will be announced promptly. It is expected that there may be a Stage 2 of the Azuro Score before the launch of the $AZUR Token.

Where can I see my Azuro Score?

You can view your current Azuro score in the profile section on bookmaker.XYZ. You can also view it from the Azuro website on the Azuro Score page
  1. 1.
    On the top right of the UI select the drop-down menu
  2. 2.
    Select My Bets​
  3. 3.
    You will see your current Azuro Score under the profile image.
Select the profile icon top right and then select "My Bets"
You can see this user has earned 55,000 Azuro Score