🤖Refer A Friend

Referring your friends to bookmaker.XYZ earns you hard cash

Referrers earn 5% of the revenue generated from the users they refer to bookmaker.XYZ.


>1 referrals in a calendar month

5% revenue share from your referrals

Get your referral link from the top right corner of your profile on bookmaker.XYZ: https://bookmaker.xyz/polygon/profile/my-bets https://bookmaker.xyz/gnosis/profile/my-bets

  • A referral is a new user which uses your referral link to come to bookmaker.XYZ and place bets.

  • Revenue share is the share of revenue generated for bookmaker.XYZ by transactions of your referrals, during the respective period. bookmaker.XYZ earns revenue as a Frontend operator in the Azuro ecosystem. You can read more about how frontends like bookmaker.XYZ earn revenue here: https://gem.azuro.org/concepts/basic/rewards

Example: You refer 1 friend, who places a $100 losing bet. bookmaker.XYZ earns approximately 60% of this losing bet as revenue as a front-end operator in the Azuro eco-system. You are eligible for 5% of this revenue as a referrer, which is equal to $3.

*Revenue share is distributed within the first 10 days of every calendar month for the previous month. *Referred users' activity from all chains counts, but the revenue share payments are made in USDT on Polygon.

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