Refer A Friend

Referring your friends to bookmaker.XYZ earns you hard cash
>1 referrals in a calendar month
5% revenue share of your referrals
Get your referral link from the top right corner of your profile on bookmaker.XYZ:​
  • A referral is a new user which uses your referral link to come to bookmaker.XYZ and place bets.
  • Revenue share is the share of revenue generated for bookmaker.XYZ by transactions of your referrals, during the respective period. bookmaker.XYZ earns revenue as a Frontend operator in the Azuro ecosystem. You can read more about how frontends like bookmaker.XYZ earn revenue here:​
Example: You refer 1 friend who loses $100 to the pool in the month. bookmaker.XYZ receives approximately 60% of the pool profits, so ~$60. So you get 5% of the $60 = $3
Revenue share is paid/granted the first 10 days of every calendar month for the previous month. Referred users' activity from all chains counts, but the revenue share payments are made in USDT on Polygon.