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XYZ's X-Points Maker Telegram Mini-App is an engaging and fun way to introduce new users to the bookmaker ecosystem. Designed as a gamified version of the main platform, this mini-app serves as a frictionless entry point that rewards users with X-points for participation and achievements within the app.

The mini-app is built natively into Telegram and with a userbase of 900m users it is ideal for attracting new users to the bookmaker eco-system. The integration simplifies the onboarding process and enhances user engagement by leveraging the dynamic and interactive capabilities of Telegram. Taking inspiration from the current wave of popular, simple and addictive telegram mini-apps, the X-Points Maker Mini-App focusses game play on sports picks; testing users sports prediction skills in a fun and engaging way while offering users incentives to level up to ensure high levels of user retention within the app.


The X-Points Maker Mini-App is designed to:

  • Drive user engagement through gamified interactions.

  • Facilitate easy and fun user onboarding into the bookmaker.XYZ ecosystem.

  • Encourage consistent user activity by rewarding interactions and achievements.

User Benefits

Users of the X-Points Maker Mini-App enjoy numerous benefits:

  • Initial Rewards: Users receive X-points upon signing up to kickstart their journey.

  • Betting Rewards: Users earn points for each pick made, with an additional points for every win.

  • Progressive Multipliers: Users can increase their reward multipliers up to 60x by advancing to higher levels.

  • Referral Bonuses: Sharing a referral link with friends grants additional X-points, enhancing social engagement and expanding the user base.

  • Extra Tasks: Periodic social tasks offer more opportunities to earn points and rewards, keeping the user experience dynamic and engaging.

Platform Integration

Participation in the mini-app directly integrates with the broader bookmaker.XYZ eco-system:

  • Users can easily transition from the mini-app to full-scale betting on the main platform, functioning as a simplified onboarding system.

  • X-points earned in the mini-app will be directly transferrable to the $XYZ token at the TGE, onboarding a new userbase and community to the XYZ ecosystem.


  • The app distributes rewards through a transparent and straightforward system where points are accrued based on user activity and achievements.

  • Level advancements are calculated based on the accumulation of points, with each level up resulting in increased multipliers for subsequent points.

Getting Started

Users can begin their journey by visiting the telegram mini-app below: https://t.me/bookmakerxyz_bot

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