How to get Ethereum on Arbitrum

Ethereum is the native token of Arbitrum. It is required when using Arbitrum to pay for gas fees when processing transactions.


  • You have an account on a CEX (Binance, KuCoin, FTX, etc.) that supports Arbitrum.

  • You want to buy ETH with fiat.

  • You have installed Metamask wallet (if not, please use this link to download

Buying ETH on a CEX

Buy ETH on a CEX (Centralized Exchange) such as Binance, Coinbase, KuCoin, etc. Please check on your chosen CEX if they support Arbitrum. CEXs differ in what chains they support and some do not support certain chains, or withdrawals, depending on the asset.

  1. Buy ETH on your preferred CEX.

    1. You can buy crypto directly with a credit/debit card.

    2. P2P or Bank Transfer.

      1. If using P2P/Bank Transfer you will need to exchange your fiat currency for MATIC using the spot exchange. Some CEXs offer a simple convert option.

  2. Withdraw ETH to your ERC20 address and select Arbitrum in the "Network" section.

Buying ETH with fiat

You can buy ETH/USDT using fiat directly on bookmaker.XYZ using the funding tab.

This is facilitated by Mt.Perelin which lets users buy, and sell crypto, directly with a credit/debit card without the need for KYC.

We store no personal information using this method. The entire process is handled by Mt.Perelin, we simply provide a UI.

  1. Head to the funding tab on bookmaker.XYZ

  2. Click on the Mt. Perelin tile.

  3. MetaMask will launch with a signature request. This is safe and it is used to verify you own the address.

  4. Select either Bank Transfer or Card, the currency you want to exchange from/to the drop-down menu, Finally, click "Buy ETH".

  5. Follow the guides for either bank transfer or card. The cryptocurrency will then be sent to your wallet (The timing will differ but usually within the hour).

Bridging Ethereum to Arbitrum

You can swap and bridge Ethereum from a source chain to Abitrum from the funding tab on bookmaker.XYZ.

  1. Head to the funding tab on bookmaker.XYZ

  2. On the tile that says "I have crypto" select "Transfer Now".

  3. If you have ETH on a source chain we support and you have the network selected, XYZ will recognize this and take you straight to bridging.

  4. If this is the first time you're interacting with Hop via bookmaker.XYZ. You will need to approve the contract interaction. Select "Approve" and confirm the TX in your wallet.

  5. Once the contract approval has confirmed, select "Bridge" and confirm the TX in your wallet.

    1. Wait for the bridging process to complete. The time differs depending on the source chain.

  6. Once it has confirmed on chain, you have successfully bridged ETH from your source chain to ETH on Arbitrum. You can begin placing bets.

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