How to get Ethereum on Linea

ETH is the native token of LINEA, It is required when using LINEA to pay for gas fees when processing transactions.

Bridging ETH to Linea

At the time of writing LINEA is not widely supported by the major T1 CEXs, this is why we need to bridge ETH from a source chain to LINEA.

There are a number of bridges supporting the launch of LINEA. We recommend using Orbiter. One of the benefits of Orbiter is that it does not function as a traditional bridge and therefore the gas fees are minimal (Even when bridging from Ethereum Mainnet).

  1. Head to Orbiter

  2. On the top right side of your screen select Connectand connect your wallet

  3. Select your source chain in the From section and select Linea in the To section

  4. Input the amount of ETH you want to bridge, and then select Send

  5. Click Confirm And Sendand wait for the bridging process to complete

  6. Once it has confirmed on chain, you have successfully bridged ETH from your source chain to ETH on LINEA.

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